Change Server Settings in Outlook 2016 and Outlook 365

It could be possible that you need to change server settings (server name, ports…) on one account in Outlook. What I am going to write is how I did in my Outlook 365 (it should work in Outlook 2016 as well).

I find two way to change server settings but i don’t know why, one works and the other doesn’t, in any case I will explain both.

Method 1: Modify Outlook settings from Control Panel (it works)

As you can image you have to open Control Panel and click on Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016) 

Control Panel MailClick on “E-mail Accounts”

email accounts

Select the account you need to modify and then click con “Change”

Now you can start changing server settings and if you need to change ports click on “other settings”

server mail settings

Here you can change ports

outlook port settings

From now on just click OK and then NEXT to complete (Outlook will test connection to the server before the settings is applied).

Method 2: Change settings from Outlook (it doesn’t work on my systems)

Quick Procedure:

Open Outlook and click on File then select the account you need to change and then select “Server Settings”

informazioni account

select server setting

and in the end, change the setting you need 

outlook port settings

I hope It could help.


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