Clonezilla NFS Basic Settings

This post is my own notes about basic clonezilla settings.
First of all, boot your PC/server with Clonzilla Live CD or USB (in Bootable pendrive).

Clonezilla NFS

After boot:

1) Select “Clone zilla Live (defaul settings, VGA 800X600)”



2) Select keyboard

3) Select keyboard mapping

4) Select “Start Clone Zilla”

5) Select “Device-Image”

6) Select “NFS_Server” (or what you prefer)

7) Choose NIC card

8)  Select  “DHCP” or assign static IP address

9) Select “NFS V2,V3”

10) Now type IP address of nfs server

11) Now type path images in nfs server (es: /var/ftp/nfs)

12) Select “BEGINNER”

13) Now we have to decide if we want to create or restore an image.
13a) Restore: Select “RESTORE DISK”
Now we have a list of saved IMAGES, select the one you want to restore

13b) Create: Select “SAVE DISK”
Type the name of the new images.

14) Confirm Hard Drive

15) Reboot

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