Cluster Suite: luci blocked

Luci blocked

Luci and Ricci are two daemons which help us to manage cluster. They are part of Conga. Luci is a server (accessible through a Web browser) and it allows us to manage cluster node via ricci that is an agent that runs on each node.

In case luci daemon is blocked and impossible to restart, remember to drop luci internal database before restart.

    service luci stop
    rm -i /var/lib/luci/data/luci.db
    service luci start

Ricordarsi sempre di verificare che in tutti i nodi del cluster sia accessibile e libera la porta tcp 11111 che รจ utilizzata da ricci per comunicare con luci. Ad esempio tramite netstat:

Remember to check that in all cluster node the tcp port 11111 is free and accessible. It is used by ricci to comunicate with luci. We can check if it is free using netstat:

[root@my_fabulous_server ~]# netstat -tulpn | grep 11111
tcp        0      0 :::11111                    :::*                        LISTEN      3400/ricci

You have to check your iptables to know if it is accessible from other cluster node.

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