SSH Welcome message


If you want to set an SSH Welcome message in your server, you only need to set motd file and be sure that welcome message is enabled for ssh access Edit Motd File Everything you write in your /etc/motd will be display as a welcome message.

Then at login…

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FTP Server – Allow user to write root directory

I had a problem with my ftp server. After login I cannot upload files on my root directory. After logged into my ftp server i check permission for my user in my home folder.

Now I thought it was only necessary to add write permission to myftphome folder to…

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Cluster suite: basic command


This post is a collection of cluster suite command and information. Cluser Suite Configuration file: /etc/cluster/cluster.conf Daemons involved: cman rgmanager ricci luci modclusterd clvmd The following are useful to check cluster status and node status

Validate configuration

Cluster has services that are a collection of resouces. For example…

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