Tar and Zip file compressed


Tar and Zip are two command useful to compress and extract files. They have lot of parameteres, here are the common parameters I usually use. x = extract c = compress v = output verbose z = compress/extract gzip (file tar.gz o .tgz) f  = create folder Tar Decompress Tgz:

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Clone a xen virtual machine (or kvm-qemu)


Cloning Xen Virtual Machine If you need to clone a Virtual Machine (VM-Original), realized using  xen or kvm, to create a new identical Virtual Machine (VM-New), you ‘ll  have to use the following command:


/dev/some_volume_group/LV_VM-New is the destination disk for the new virtual machine. It must be…

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VNC is a tool useful to connect a client to a desktop server (vnc server). Install VNC on Centos

xorg-x11-xinit should be already installed, if not… instll it Centos 5

Centos 6

Set vnc password for user (root or other user)

For example for uservnc:


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Some CRM Shell Command


These are some notes about crm shell command to be used managing cluster. This article is not a “guide” or an “how to’s” but it is just a collection of messy notes. Main config file: /etc/ha.d/ha.cf /var/lib/heartbeat/crm/cib.xml (editable using crm) Cluster Status:

CRM shell To access crm command line,…

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How to install phpMyAdmin in Centos

Install phpMyAdmin is very easy, but to to that you have to follow few steps. Install phpMyAdmin First of all you need to have installed the right repository: epel Here is how i installed it on my server:

After installing epel repository, let’s install phpmyadmin

Now we have…

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