VNC VINO at boot

VNC VINO at boot I need VNC VINO at boot in a customer debian server. To do it I copied the following script in /etc/init.d/ and I maned it as vnc-vino

to run the script at boot (runlevel 2, 3, 4, 5):

It could be necessary to check…

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Introduction to RPMBUILD Rpmbuild is a tool useful to create .rpm packets which contain programs, documents, configuration files etc etc. To create rpm packet, RPMBUILD uses his own DIRECTORIES: SOURCES: contain source file (before rpm creation) SPECS: file .spec SRPMS: new source file (after rpm creation) RPMS: file rpm BUILD:…

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itg and iperf

D-ITG is a tool useful to test network bandwidth between two host (one server called Receiver and one client called Sender). D-ITG (ITG) Common parameters: ITGSEND -a  ip address of Receiver (server) -Sdp Signiling port (default: 9000) -rp data port (destination port, default 8999) -c  packet size in byte (defaul…

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DRBD on existing file system without losing data

I didn’t write this article!!! But it is so intresting the I decided to write it again with some extra notes. Sometimes it could be necessary to create a DRBD on existing file system, so this is the procedure. Reference: Server Per-Activities Our server (called PIG) has important data…

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