Windows 10 – Personalize Desktop and Colors

Personalize Desktop in Windows 10 is very easy and full of intresting options.

We can do it in serveral ways as in the prevous Windows versions.

The quicker is the right click on desktop and then “personalize”

Windows 10 Desktop Right Click

Windows 10 Desktop Right Click

If you like to make thinks complicated you can go on


Windows 10 Start Settings

Windows 10 Start Settings




Here we go, now you are in Personalization window
Good!!! Now the menu is easily understood.


Here you can choose your background image for your desktop. In the first option select which kind of background you prefer: Picture, Slideshow or SolidColor. Then you need to browse your PC to select the picture you want as background or a folder with the picture you want as slideshow (in case of slideshow you have to indicate the time before a picture change), if you choose SolidColor you just need to select the color.
In the end “Choose a fit” to indicate how the picture will be fit in the desktop.

Windows 10 Personalization Background

Windows 10 Personalization Background


This menù let you choose the color for windows, start menù and startbar. You just need to select one color or (as per this picture) you can select “Automatically pick an accent color from my background” and the color will be chosen automatically form the desktop background.
In the end you can decide if you want your color to be applied also to taskbar and if you want start manu and taskbar traspent.

Windows 10 Colors

Windows 10 Colors

Lock Screen

This is the background picture that appears when you lock your PC or notebook, as background menù you can select a picture or a slideshow.


Similar to the prevous windows versions. From Theme settings you can use one of the windows default themes. As you can see there is also the possility to manage sounds, icons and mouse pointer (I don’t write about them now)

Windows 10 Themes

Windows 10 Themes Personalization


Here you have some option of the start menù.
It is intresting the “Use Start full screen” option. It let your desktop be similar to mobile device, it not so usefull using PC or notebook.

Windows 10 Start Personalization

Windows 10 Start Personalization from Settings

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