Zenoss zenjmx down – zenjmxjava ended unexpectedly

“zenjmxjava ended unexpectedly” is an error message that could be present in Zenoss event page (Zenjmx daemon):

zenjmxjava ended unexpectedly zenoss

zenjmxjava ended unexpectedly zenoss

It happens when Zenjmx daemon stop (Zenjmx is used for Java Virtual Machine).
It could be stopped due to port busy by other process. The default port range is 9988-9993.
Using netstat and checking log you can find which process are using this port

[root@zenoss ~]# netstat -tupln | grep 9988
tcp        0      0 :::9988                     :::*                        LISTEN      7130/java
[root@zenoss ~]# ps aux | grep 7130
zenoss    7130  0.0  0.3 2468032 32176 ?       S

In my case I found lot of zenjmx process hanging (i don’t know why), i just killed them and the problem has been solved.

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